ATTENTION ALL GIRLS: We ALL know that the lower stomach is one of the very hardest places to burn fat and tone. hmmm ... These are some terrific exercises to do in the morning and at night to burn those hard to tone areas! Do this every morning when you wake up, and every night before you sleep. I guarantee you’ll see results in a week flat!

Flatten Your Belly with This Killer Ab Workout Get a tight stomach in just six weeks without doing a single crunch. This may be the easiest workout we've ever printed

Butt & Gut workout week 3 Repeat 3 times

core exercises

If you're equally addicted to your own lineup of shows and want to be a couch potato without looking like one, try these living-room friendly exercises while you watch. TV workout

Which work out works where…This is awesome


Get rid of back fat. Click for exercises.

Stretches for sore neck and shoulders. I need these bad! Exactly where I hold my stress!!

the fastest way to lose 10 lbs

DIY: The Lazy Girl's Guide to Getting Toned - here are exercises that target your abs & buns & require no equipment.

Click on the part of your body you want to tone, and it gives you a set of exercises you can do at home...this is seriously pretty cool.

Itty Bitty Tummy Workout : one pinned said, "I tried this out this morning & I can already feel it." :) fix this area

Abs. 12 minutes: 6 exercises. Super intense burn in a short workout.

Check out these 4 NO CRUNCH! abs exercises to tone your stomach and lose belly fat

42 Best Ways To Lose Stomach Fat Fast

Shrink a Size in 14 Days This revolutionary, science-backed workout is reader tested and can help you shed up to 12 pounds and 22 inches in just 2 weeks.

wow. insanely helpful. this targets different types of stomach fat and helps diagnose the problem

the rollover, a favorite #pilates move of mine. requires a lot of deep ab and glute strength, but great core control and wonderful hamstring stretch on the way down