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Dorianne Laux – Antilamentation

Others have experienced what you've experienced. Describe it clearly enough and they will recognize their experience in yours.

Dorianne Laux reading Letter to my dead mother at Paterson Poetry Center...

Dorianne Laux

Moon In The Window | Dorianne Laux

Quotable - Dorianne Laux - Writers Write Creative Blog

| Poetic | Dorianne Laux

Poetry Everywhere: "Dust" by Dorianne Laux

Moon in the Window Dorianne Laux

I Remember by Anne Sexton

Although known for his later association with rural life, Robert Frost (1874 - 1963) grew up in the city, and published his first poem in his high school's magazine.

Charles Bukowski

charles bukowski

BUKOWSKI // "it's not the large things that send a man to the madhouse..."

This Moment by Charles Bukowski

From Walden Pong Henry David Thoreau


A favorite piece of writing from Sandra Cisneros.

Sylvia Plath, The Bell Jar Love this book

Charles Bukowski, "A Terrible Need" I definitely need to keep this in mind. I'm on a petty route with more than one person and I need to let it the eff go if I want to maintain my sanity.

One of my favorites.....

Mary Oliver (b. 1935) writes both prose and poetry about the natural world. She won the 1984 Pulitzer Prize in poetry for her fifth book, 'American Primitive.' Critics have compared her work to poets including Walt Whitman, Edna St. Vincent Millay and Elizabeth Bishop.

A Republic of Cats Marge Piercy

LANGUAGE OF LIFE - BILL MOYERS ON PBS. Interviews with 8 poets....wonderful show and now available on PBS.

Sylvia Plath may be a bit dark at times but the results are wonderful.