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pok for a spring dress i like it. i mean put a little cover up jacket or something and a nice pair of heels and it would be adorable. i guess you could put a pair of dark navy blue leggings with it also

40 Simple And Cute Outfit Ideas

Curled hair, simple necklace, grey tee, denim jacket, dark jeans, white trainers.

30 Fall Outfits to Inspire You

If you love Fall as much as I do you will get a blast of inspiration with all these 30 Fall Outfits to Inspire You. I'm so in Love with these

Cotton Linen Floral Long Sleeve Mini Casual Dresses

I would describe my aesthetic as definitely personal and harmonious with an eclectic yet bohemian sensibility. Besides, this floral dress is really flowy and comfortable when sitting on the beach.

I am not a big makeup person - in fact, I don't feel that skilled with the application of eye shadow - I would pay someone to help me! However, I do have my go-to's, the products that I love, that make it easy, and just give me my daily fresh look.