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  • Emily Petersen

    Secret room through armoire. Via Apartment Therapy: "The home's owner found the old armoire secondhand. He then hired a woodworker to take out the back and install it up against a doorway into his children's play room. The result is a simple-enough-looking armoire that opens to a hidden room of magic and play." It was designed and built by Maple Seed Renovation in Portland, Oregon. thats an awesome idea :)

  • Bonnie Midgett

    Secret room through wardrobe. The best playroom idea EVER! put it in the kids room!

  • Jaime Linn

    cut out hole in old armoire, fit over door to play room = secret room in the wardrobe... even as an "adult" I LOVE this idea! It's Narnia.

  • Allison

    Secret room through wardrobe! Best idea for kids playroom EVER! The Narnia nerd in me must have this!

  • Maggi Weiseman

    in my dream house my kids/my play room will be entered by crawling through a wardrobe. real life narnia.

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I'm going to make this for my kids or just for myself one day!

Fair Oaks Hidden Playroom. Underneath the STAIRCASE is a secret playroom & bookshelves for the kids. by JEFF KING & CO, 251 Balboa St, San Francisco, CA 94118. Photo: Paul Dyer. Firm site: www.jeffkingandco... Like the decor? Credit the decorator. Pin from the primary source (The firm's website).

great gift for aunts and cousins (maybe even a stocking stuffer!) — odds and ends tray from kate spade new york

Best idea for a child's play room. A second-hand armoire repurposed as the secret entrance to a child's play room! Just take out the back and place in front of the doorway. Great way to keep a child's play area organized and so fun too! I ALWAYS PRETENDED I HAD A ROOM LIKE THIS THAT I GOT TO THROUGH MY neat! DIY NARNIA!! xP


Secret wardrobe entrance to a Narnia themed play room. Want Grace to have this and make a reading nook for me inside ;)

Maybe one day I will have a playroom for the kids and this will definitely be going on the wall... love it!

Secret passageway! Cute idea if your house is designed properly. I remember a family friend's house had a hidden play room under their stairs. To get in, we crawled through a little door in their coat closet. Way fun for kids!

I want like 30 different places like this in my house oneday! Could you imagine how fun adult hide in seek would be?!?! Attic Hidden Door by Eudaemonius, via Flickr

Narnia room! The wardrobe goes to a hidden playroom...This is or no kids

future play room idea. build low cabinets then put two twin mattresses on top to have seating or guest bed