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Even though the "Thug" persona was evident, Pac touched on relevant issues on this album

how the tupac hologram worked

The Mormons were one of the first targets in the beginning of the invasion. Turns out the Scientologists were right; both events were considered epic.

I applaud anything that can take a kid away from a PlayStation or a Gameboy - that is a miracle in itself. Gary Oldman

Everything about Mickey, Mickey costume and Mickey mascot head, pls visit www.mascotshows.c...

I chose to pin this to Hannah's board, because I'm writing as if she did not kill herself and was still here, trying to get over her sadness.

Rabbit is a symbolic representation of that same energy. Rabbit is well at home here on the earthly plane, of course. But he is also an Adept, comfortable in the Netherworld of underground tunnels and dark passages. His acute perception makes him sensitive to vibrations and energies that we often cannot comprehend. But in the "Underworld," those sensitivities are even more pronounced as sight is reduced to nil.