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Sherlock, stylized. Not usually a fan-art kinda gal, but I liked this one.

Nope nope nope the only appropriate way to use this is if you are reading the Sherlock Holmes books.

Cast and writers of SHERLOCK when they were young. Oh Moffat... immersed in his Doctor Who book ;-)

This is the state of our fandom right now. It's what happens you have to wait two years for new episodes. But you know what, I kinda like it. Not the lack of episodes, but the...unabashed insanity of the fandom. lol.

What's it like in your funny little brains? Must be so boring. I have used this line maybe a little too much.. ( Said no one ever)

Well, two shadows... He's a goner. Maybe this is a hint to the next season. Maybe the Vashta Nerada killed him off.

Sherlock Moriarty. This is just too silly not to repin.

Finally one for Moriarty!!!!! Otter for Sherlock and hedgehog for John, now rabbit for Moriarty! I wonder which one is Bluebell...

He could totally play the next Bond after Craig. The name's Cumberbatch, Benedict Cumberbatch.

Awww Sherlock - I love the little nods to the original books/illustrations - Imgur

Murray-arty | Benedict Cumberbatch on Sesame Street. If you're cool, you've been on Sesame Street. That is all.