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    Baker and Tennant... SO classic.

    • Haley Hartley

      Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey. David Tennant Clearly models his incarnation of the Doctor after Tom Baker's Doctor.

    • Mikayla Feldbauer

      "One of the coolest images ever. My two favorite Doctors engaging in a little bit of wibbly wobbly timey wimey shenanigans!"

    • Megan Louise

      Timey Wimey: The Doctor in his 4th incarnation (Tom Baker) and 10th incarnation (David Tennant) via the BBC.

    • Erik Erickson

      Tom Baker and David Tennant with bulging eyes, reading Doctor Who magazines each featuring the other.

    • P M

      The Doctor engaging in a little bit of wibbly wobbly timey wimey shenanigans!

    • Julianna Royer

      DWM #doctor #who #magazine #four #tom #baker #ten #david #tennant

    • Buttonpalooza

      Doctor Who - Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey Space Stuff!

    • Bridgit H

      A little #doctorwho Wibbly Wobbly

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    David Tennant tells a joke.

    Doctor Who


    This! #DoctorWho Who?


    Hilarious!!!! :D

    The best part of this is that this fellow has tried this several times. That's true dedication.'s not what you think.

    The Doctor quoted Mary Poppins!! *Add to list of awesome things I never knew I didn't know!

    I love Donna. She's funny, sassy, and awesome. She saved The Doctor, Rose, The Meta-Crisis Doctor, Jack, Mickey, Sarah Jane, Martha, Jackie, and the whole freaking universe basically. I do miss her. I wish she didn't have to go out the way she did. :(

    Doctor Time

    9 was my first doctor 10 was my best friend 11 was my favorite 12 is like the cool uncle

    Time Lord Doctor Who Shirt: Doctor Who Mens T-shirt

    See this amazing Dr Who infographic showing cartoons of all the time lords to date! Awesome #DrWho

    The Doctor and the Doctor's daughter. David Tennant (10th Doctor) married Georgia Moffett (the 10th Doctor's daughter in the episode "The Doctor's Daughter"), who is the daughter of Peter Davison (5th Doctor), and they had a daughter. So the Doctor's daughter played the Doctor's daughter in "The Doctor's Daughter" and then married the Doctor and had the Doctor's daughter. MIND BLOWN!

    Doctor Who + LotR

    Just another reason I love David Tennant

    Doctor Who, call me maybe

    I can’t even… this is my favorite Who fan art ever. In the history of the universe and space and time.

    Previous Pinner: Bwahaha! THIS SONG IS A MUST. "Time is racing towards us. Till the Silence arrive. Don't forget and run. And you might survive. You're not suited for the rage of travel. So pack up, go home, youre through. How could I, make a Time Lord, out of you???" Geniusness I just made up right there :)