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    • Alysa Kramer

      One of my favorite movies as a kid. So sad...

    • Brandi Alexander-Martin

      True story. I cried like a baby in 2nd grade watching this movie. It still breaks my heart to this day.

    • Amy Sedore

      dunno why they feel the need to make kids movies with such sad parts. and good Lord for some reason Disney has it out for parents. If you're a mom i a Disney movie chances are you are gonna bite the big one....

    • Andrea Unzueta

      May as well rip my heart out. so sad

    • Sydney Amidon

      This is probably one of the only Disney movies that I cried. I cried during Up but this is the real deal it's so sad:(

    • Kevin Marquez

      oh my gosh. I havent seen this in forever, but i remember this part was so sad!

    • Alicia Blevins

      So true! Gets me every time Makes me so sad that not many people have seen fox in the hound. I think it has a lot of good lessons and is a good "old" Disney movie.

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