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Dancing in the street.


Dance..for our dancer Madison. Could be a great senior picture idea!!!

Ballet; ballerinas live for it. we were born to do it. it challenges us. we invest all of our time to this sport. it is the reason for our blood, sweat and tears. it causes us pain and frustration but we still love it. ballet is our passion, our life, and everything to us and no one but ballerinas will ever understand that.✨


Untitled by Vadim Stein

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ballerina reflection

Lai Rupe's Choreography has an incredible lyrical routine planned. . . Hire her today for more details. http://www.lairupe.com

Ballerina On the Street by YoungGeun Kim - wonder how many strange looks I would get if I got my husband to take photos of me dancing en pointe in the street? Ballet dance

never stop stretching the limits



ballet dancers by Vladimir Konnov

Ballet dancers posed on city streets. By Little Shao.