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    Most of us try and recycle, but how much refuse actually gets into the recycling bin? Find out how much Europeans are recycling and how long it would take for certain everyday items to decompose.

    3y Saved to Sustainability
    • Tim Deyzel

      A Throw Away Culture: Interesting #infographic but no references. Does styrofoam really take 7.5 billion years to degrade? I doubt it.

    • Amy Pearson

      A Throw Away Culture! The below infographic details our recycling tendencies. Reading through all the information helps to highlight how important it is to make sure you always dedicate some time to keeping the buildings we design are as efficient as possible, because as it is, we already waste plenty.

    • joe schissler

      Our throw away culture as portrayed through a flowchart type vehicle. For me it is eye opening to see how long landfill material will take to decompose. It really reinforces the importance of reducing, reusing and recycling. From using recycled material companies can save on energy and raw material costs. Its upsetting to see that Canada is no where on the ‘Municipal Recycling and Composting’ graph, also the fact that it is dominated by European nations.

    • Presidio Graduate School

      [infographic] A Throw Away Culture: How Much Do We Really Recycle? #sustainability #eco

    • Salt Lake City Green

      Throwaway Culture: How much do we really recycle? Infographic by

    • eTrends @

      A Throw Away Culture. How much do we really recycle or reuse? #Sustainability

    • Massimo Nichetti

      A Throw Away Culture: How Much Do We Really #Recycle? #Infographic

    • Diana

      How Much Do We Really Recycle? (Info graphic)

    • Miel Johnson

      Think about it...we only have one earth!

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