Mind Blown - Haha the face #Funny #3.14 #PIE #HAHA #HAHAHAHAHA

Picking up girls, chemistry style…haha

barney... wouldn't say math ruined my childhood, i always knew barney wasn't quite right

Ummm, no. Im pretty sure that theres almost nothing you can actually cook at 120 degrees. And the pan isnt even at a 120angle

square root.. math jokes

Darth Vader on Twitter: "Come to the nerd side http://t.co/sCH7urJZ9s"

I'm so glad I do NOT fall under this category.

the best fun site!

hahahaha poor thing

Nerd Girl problem.

Mind trick

got jokes?


Piper's 3rd birthday!

This is making me so mad!

Funnier backwards:

how math translates for me. every time. Lol

I am amazed!

Ninja name

Pie costs $3.14 at Target. Well played, Target, well played. Lol(: