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Ummm, no. Im pretty sure that theres almost nothing you can actually cook at 120 degrees. And the pan isnt even at a 120angle

barney... wouldn't say math ruined my childhood, i always knew barney wasn't quite right

Mind blown

I didn't get it, but I understand how it works now.

Why didn't they teach us this when we were little?? It would've been useful back then >:/

Nerd Girl problem.

Picking up girls, chemistry style…haha

Very True..

funny and sarcastic jokes - Google Search

square root.. math jokes

I'm so glad I do NOT fall under this category.

The funny thing is I saw this problem when I was young and made jack sparrows face, now, I could almost solve it. Scary.


the best fun site!

Haha. If you don't get it look at the pie chart and try to recognize the pyramid

@Heidi Tanninen I laughed wayyyy too hard at this.

haha nerd joke


Pinterest mistake - I literally just laughed out loud