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Book cover design

Great book cover design by Chip Kidd

Ben Wiseman

1984 - Great cover for this book!

book covers

Series of beautiful book cover designs by Astrid Stavro Studio for Arcadia. Worth clicking through to the Studio's page to see the individual images.

Ben Wiseman

Is your bibliophile forever losing their bookmarks? Returning them inside library books? Ta-da! Gift them a tearaway bookmark notepad!

‘The Hobbit’ Book Cover Design by Adam Busby | The Fox Is Black

ben wiseman

Book cover design by Oliver Munday


Don't know the book or the author, but I really like the cover.

Oliver Munday.

《你是人間的四月天》 林徽因 著 | 王志弘, 2014

"Catcher in the Rye" hated it in high school, maybe i should give it another chance

Inspiration Library: Design Brooklyn

book cover by Studio Mendell + Oberer Graphic Design (1967)