Gibson roll

Low Rolled Updo Hair Tutorial - 15 Best Beauty Tutorials for Winter 2014-2015 | GleamItUp

Hair style DIY

twisted updo

1. Make pony tail 2. Split your hair in half above the pony tail like in the first picture 3. Bring your pony tail up and put it through the space you made 4. Then pull your pony tail up gently 5. Enjoy your awesome hair style!


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HOW TO Tightline Eyes with Pencil or Gel Eye Liner. I've been doing this for years. Love that it's catching on.

No heat curls

Easy Hairstyles

Take 2 elastic bands and separate the hair into 2 ponytails, one above the other, in the back of your head. Once the ponytails are secured, take sections of each ponytail and, starting at the ends, roll them toward the head, pinning them in place with bobby pins. Roll the top ponytail first, then the bottom, leaving pieces closest to the middle for last.

Cute work hair

Sock bun- how to make the sock and the bun :)


lots of fun hairstyles

Low pony; topsy-tail and pull through; topsy-tail again to create "roll"; wrap ends under and secure; add decorative bow. Pretty!

Two braids and a bun hair tutorial!

Braided Headband Tutorial