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paper bowl with collage decoration and handmade paper flowers :: live bohemian via flickr

I did this as a kid at school as a gift for my Mom. We melted records, then we mod-podged squares of Christmas wrapping paper to them to make them little Chirstmas candy bowls. Now, I think it would be a terrible waste of an antique. I would never melt my vinyl!

flower bowls! cute idea for bunco(for our little chocolate and sweet treat, then make people take them HOME!)

Very cool! Use TP rolls and paint for bathroom? -Wall art made from old magazines and books by artist Lisa Occhipinti - love the flowing shapes! COULD WE SPELL OUT SOMETHING LIKE THIS????

LESSON 2: Objective- Students will study and practice a paper weaving technique to create a textural multipurpose piece of magazine paper art.

Paper Fish DIY | Father's Day Inspiration | by Ingrid from Ingthings (Brighten Up My Day) blog

rolled magazine pages cover this storage box. That's lots of work!

Supplies: Old magazines Glue gun Bone Folder Mod Podge Instructions: I started with the top of the lid and made a coil like I showed you in this post.  I put a thin line of hot glue around the bottom of my coil (the red coil shown below) and began wrapping a new strip, lining its top up with the bottom of the original coil to give the sloped shape of the lid.  I continued wrapping strips in this fashion until I couldn’t take it any longer my lid was the diameter I wanted.