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The Shine Project: Acai Berry Smoothie Topper - with or without granola

Acai Berry juice 1 frozen banana frozen mango 1 small handful of ice (optional) Topper: Granola fresh mango (diced) 2 strawberries (sliced) 1 kiwi (diced) banana (sliced) shredded coconut honey

Fun to eat for a kids' party!  Small green gelatin aquarium with sea grass and colored candy fish

5 Party Desserts for Kids

Amazing Edible Art Project This underwater ecosystem (made entirely of candy, gum, and gelatin) is a party showstopper. It’s easier than it looks—though a little labor-intensive. And your kid will still be talking about it when she’s

How To Make Oreo Pops

OREO POPS The only thing better than an Oreo cookie is a chocolate covered Oreo. The only thing better than a chocolate covered Oreo is a chocolate covered

Un truquito para enamorar a los tuyos,  chocolate balloon.

chocolate balloon bowls for ice cream. Tops ice cream with some cool whip and a mini snickers bar, or Oreo cookie or a chocolate gold coin for a special pirate birthday treasure ice cream treat

Jello aquarium w/ Rachel Ray

turn a batch of Jell-O into an edible aquarium! All you'll need are fish-shaped cookie cutters, melon and blue Jell-O.

Mini Jello Aquariums

Mini Jello Aquariums - How CUTE is this? Mix plain jello with hot refrigerate in jar till set, put jelly beans in the bottom of another jar, dump the set jello on top of the jelly beans, cut a slit and add Swedish fish candy. A candy jello aquarium!