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  • Stephany Tillotson

    Great idea! Add this in too your current work out! 11 weeks. 11 different bikini body workouts.

  • Lindsey Robbins

    11-Week Bikini Boot Camp Challenge! Alright, so here’s the deal. Summer will soon be upon us. Actually, the weather across most of the U.S. is probably telling most of you that it’s already here. But the truth is, it’s only March, which means you still have time to get into beach-ready shape and sculpt your best bikini body! And, you can do it with me! ;) Fit Sugar recently shared this epic list of 11 boot camp style workouts, all aimed at helping you get ready for bikini season. My goal is to try them all, and I want you to do it with me! Starting today, every Saturday up until June 2nd (11 Saturdays from now) I’ll be completing a new Bikini Boot Camp Workout from the list and posting it here to help remind you to get your bikini bottom in tip top shape! (P.S. Fellas, I know you’re probably not planning to throw on a bikini before you head to the beach, but you can totally join in on this challenge if you want a “beachin’ body!”) Of course, just one workout a week won’t yield the kind of results we’re looking for here, so remember to use this as an extra supplement to your normal weekly workout routine, which should also include a clean, healthy diet! Deal? Deal! OK, now mark your calendars… Here’s the schedule! 11- Week Bikini Boot Camp Challenge: Saturday, March 24: 10-minute Boot Camp Workout by Jeanette Jenkins Saturday, March 30: Bikini Body Strength Training from Tone it Up Saturday, April 7: Circuit Workout by Celeb Trainer Jason Walsh Saturday, April 14: Total-body Toning Circuit by Saturday, April 21: Heidi Klum’s Boot Camp Circuit Workout Saturday, April 28: Fit Sugar’s Full-body Circuit Workout Saturday, May 5: Stacy Berman’s Beach Boot Camp Saturday, May 12: Warrior Fitness Boot Camp’s Total-body Strength Circuit Saturday, May 19: 6-minute Boot Camp by Fit Sugar Editor Susi May Saturday, May 26: Circuit Workout by Celeb Trainer Valerie Waters Saturday, June 2: Fit Sugar’s Legs, Abs, and Arms Full-body Circuit Workout There ya go! Who else is as pumped for these workouts as I am?! Reblog or comment on this post if you plan to join in on this 11-week challenge with me! Every Saturday I’ll be blogging about each workout after I complete it, so make sure you come back to find out what I thought and let me know how you liked it! Raise your hand if you’re ready to get your Best Beach-Ready Bikini Body now! (I’m raising mine, you just can’t see.) OK, let’s go!!!!

  • slimcommandments

    11 Week Bikini Boot Camp Challenge Workout Video

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basic body weight workout plan - do exercises throughout the day (or all at once) with goal of completing before day end

When I first looked at this.. I was disappointed that they didn't say how to do the moves.. But if you open the web page they're all moving GIF images lol

summerdedication: (i can’t tell what the tumblr url is, so if this is yours tell me). Thatd be me! :) Heres the original.

A dumbbell arm, chest, and shoulder workout! (If you dont know how to do an exercise, stick its name into Google to learn the proper technique.)

Want to tone up those hard-to-reach lower abdominals? Here’s a workout to target them, but remember: the only way to lose a lower belly pooch is through healthy diet, losing general body fat, and staying fit.

Quick workout to do anywhere. I really like these for stay at home work outs. But those are just kinda hard with a little dog and cat constantly nosing around me.

Weekly workout you can do at home

Some short morning workouts for when you forgot to set the timer on your coffee maker. All bodyweight exercises that don’t require much space, so you can even do them in a dorm room! Also, this is saved in a larger size so you can print it out if you’d like. Just click the photo for the full size. What a great workout site!

Sounds like a great cardio workout. Only one I'm not sure of is Mountain Climber, but I will figure it out.

  • Jinjer

    Not sure if this is the best explanation, but a mountain climber is similar to running in a plank position. Basically in a full arm plank and raise one knee toward chest and quickly switch legs back and forth for set time or set.

I do a work out like this just a little different: 100 Rope Jumps 90 Jumping Jacks 80 High Knees 70 Squats 60 Crunches 50 Lunges 40 Push ups 30 Triceps dips 20 Jump Up touch ground 10 Burpies

#Recipes Amazing Recipes

  • josephine

    I m trying to loss weight, but I'm only getting more weight now I will do some of this exercise