Forests of Fireflies (America)


Time lapse lights - fireflies captured pver a longer period of time...

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Bioluminescent Firefly Squids in Toyama Bay, Japan

Long exposure picture of a Lightning Bolt hitting a Tree!

Deep into the misty woods...

Fireflies in the Flint Hills of Kansas - Photo by JimRichardson

pretty lights and moon.


'Halloween Tree' Orange County, N.C., (As seen in North Carolina's 'Our State Magazine') -October 31, 2008-

shades of grey

The long and winding road . . .


fireflies - I loved these back home in Memphis when i was a kid :-) I'd catch them in a jar at night and let them do in my room for a spell - magical yes!!

Blue Portal


color: cotton candy Blue skies....

"My dad used to to tell me, when an artist dies, God let's them paint the sky however they want." I love this and am borrowing it. #love #summer #beach #sunset #pink #yellow #orange #blue #sand #sun #ocean #tan