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OHMY!!! I literally burst out laughing. Not even joking. This is scary and this is funny. Oh man... her face... >:}

Great, now I need a turtle and knitting lessons.

Bring Me The Toilet Paper

Yea I think I should be skinny after eating healthy for one day

They Will Wear It With Pride, I know I would

Things dad said to his children...because as a parent, you find yourself saying the oddest things sometimes.

I work at a hotel. I tell people to have a nice trip home for the same reason lol

I used to work retail. How do people live with themselves when they act like entitled tantrum throwers? I could take up several pages with stories of customer horrors. And yet, working retail pays so little....

HAHAHAHA! Ryan Gosling talking about buying all the girl scout cookies

The Diving Turtle is a symbol of creation from the North American Indians, and is part of the inspiration for the Daliesque Earth Diver, original art-jewellery. Silver pendant & chain necklace with 23kt gold vermeil diving helmet and enamel. #GiftAStory