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    Shine bright like a diamond - My pop almost came out my nose I laughed so hard when I saw this!!!!!

    What? Can't a baby get any privacy?

    I. Am. Dying.

    hahahahahaha what my friends and I would get each other

    I cried I was laughing so hard! Omg this guy must have practiced this so many times! @Jessica Wilson


    So ridiculous

    oh my god yes ! hahaha

    the other side....hahahahaha!


    For the love of everything decent...

    currently laughing out loud.

    Lol awkward

    hahahaha oh Ellen

    Why did this make me laugh??


    Took me a second, and then I died

    I understand that this can be seen in different ways, but to me it just sounds like the creepiest pickup line ever.

    sad but ...I'm dying. The look on both their faces... hahah