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Were making a fax performance right now at Transmediale in Berlin! Please join us by faxing to +493039787288. Your work will be teleported straight into our performance, like magic. Spread the word! More info/links here (sort of).

‘Fax for Folket’ the book! 66 pages in paperback with works of raquel meyers, goto80, Dan Brännvall and +++.

MEMOBLAST, performance. 29th january 2013 / Transmediale - Haus der Kulturen der Welt Memoblast is a group performance in a fax-based office. Raquel Meyers, Jacob Sikker Remin and Goto80 are office workers who handle the flow of information by following rituals and rules for efficiency. They work with conventional office tools such as text editors and spreadsheets to create graphics, music and memos.

‘Fax & Frankering for Folket’ performance. Original by raquel meyers and DEFMON.