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  • RENDER clothing

    Can I ha yo numba? #funny #baby #meme #funnymemes #comedy #laugh #RENDER #clothing #fashion #art #artist #painting #drawing #RachaelRamona #design #haha

  • Lori Buhler

    How do you not giggle when you see this?

  • Kelsey Gee

    Funny stuff.

  • Bethany

    this kid... ha! ///// can i ha yo numba?

  • Tosha Hendrickson

    Giiiiiirrrrllll, the back o yo head is ridiculous! So funny!!

  • Janae Barrus

    Baby, Can I Get Yo Numba??? | Funny Pictures!

  • Ashton Leigh

    Can I have yo numba? Can I havvve it? Mmmmm.... girl. The back of yo head looks fine!!!!!! Lol.

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ha ha ha.....we should know about the glitter because Avery has yet to do a project that did not include it. My house is very sparkly.

OR had one of those balls flick you in the fingernail!, hurt like a mother fucker too!

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hahaha. Sheldon vs. House vs. Capt. Jack vs. Sherlock vs. Tony Stark....the winner would be either Sheldon or Sherlock.

If you could just trust that WE are the best thing for our families....I will always be here for you, I will wait for you, come find me when you need me, or even when you don't, just find me. I love you, to infinity and beyond.

Spot on. me right now...i actually want to murder some family members but dont wanna go to jail so....

...and if we bought things with points earned from being actively creative instead of money? THAT would be awesome.

So true. Also mom does this Rachel B

Ahahahaha! Sorry Joe, you're just not Steve.

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