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Truth hurts.....I keep thanking God, I know it could have been worse, i really loved this person. No one even new about "US" and I understand why now! Only God and my close friends see my pain and help me get stronger. None of them wanted me with him anyway, they are all relieved and excited for me to be with someone who deserves me.....I just pray for peace within myself, I am not ready to let anyone in again.

How you tried to kill her spirit and it was gradual, but one day she stopped trying. One person can not make a relationship work. BYE-BYE BABY. NO-MORE.

What an amazing & exciting year it has been! Family, Friends, LOVE, Laughter... A fabulous wedding and an incredible honeymoon in Italy & France. There were a few tears, and moments that tested my strength and taught me so much about myself and those around me that I am lucky to call 'friend'. Learning the meaning of true friendship, traveling to fabulous places, forming a stronger bond with Mackenzie & Ava, and marrying my best friend, soul mate, lover, partner in crime.

I am not perfect, most days I am a not mess but I am me and that is good enough. | I used to beat myself up over the lack of perfection I thought I needed in my life. The perfection I thought others expected out of me. I am still a work in progress but I am learning to fully accept that I.Am.Enough. Embrace your weaknesses. Acknowledge your strengths. Love yourself. You.Are.Enough. xo April

I've just had to learn to mourn those losses. For me, nothing will ever equal the bond between the closes of friends. Once lost, I lose a piece of myself, but I gain a plethora of beautiful memories on which to sustain myself.

"I don't know what this means." -Asha #138.2pds [...All my friends happened to resemble me, and I'm sure this upset them a great deal. I had Swedish faces, Indian faces, Italian faces, but none were exactly West African; not even British...You wonder why I seem to generally not care to make myself look more like another ethnicity, it is because how I formed friendships growing up. I am very much for a solid unit. And what stronger bond than similarities in appearance, along w/ social…