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Supernatural. Thanks to Netflix, I'm on the monster hunting bandwagon. This series is up there with X-Files and Buffy in my book.

My sister and I call it Stuper-natural as the guys do stupid things from time to time. Once in a while the plot is lame, but we still watch.

um, hells yes!! Cheers! (answer: Dean Winchester if you want a hint)

Dear boys of the world today, be Dean Winchester, not a sparkly vampire. Sincerely, Every Sane Woman on the Planet (pardon the language)


The thing that really gets me about this show is how far they are willing to go to save each other. It gets kind of redundant, but it never fails. One is always there for the other.and that's what family is.


Haha I was reading something the other day and that was the only word that jumped out at me.

He is ;)

To those who think "beautiful" is not a word one uses to describe a man.say hello to Jensen Ackles!