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Paris-based photographer Cath Schneider recently became aware of a small hedgehog living in her garden and decided to investigate a bit closer with her daughter. Schneider tells me they set out a small plate of (lactose free) milk and sure enough the fearless little guy ambled over and started blowing bubbles.

Disapproving Ostriches - this picture is so terrifying. I have a bird phobia that began after an ostrich attack.

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Hedgehog party!

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Really...what is so important?!? to demonstrate here's a hedgehog with a strawberry on its head

A beluga with a halo bubble: A Beluga whale has become a sensation at an aquarium after learning how to blow halo-shaped bubbles. The extraordinary sight was captured on camera by photographer Hiroya Minakuchi at the Shimane aquarium in Japan. He said: “This beluga started making bubble rings when she was seven. And a couple of years ago she developed her technique. Now she blows the water from her mouth to make a current, which is not visible for us underwater. She then blows air from her…


Trapped hedgehog…

Help me Sherlock! I can't get up!! -gif-