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Tabby Cat Yarn Bowl by MaidOfClay. So cool!

Check out this cute and unique set of Kitty Paw Index Sticky Note! You can use the Kitty Paw Index Sticky Note to jot down notes and stick it anywhere you want! You can also use it as a bookmark too!

Frenchie Pin Pack


Three Toed Sloth Needle Felted Animal Ornament by Mythillogical

Good Dogs Charm- Sam and Nan Jewelry

red riding hood tea towel

Lady bug houses

Nocturne: Creatures of the Night. Journey into the night with this book of photography from Chronicle Books.

Paper bird kit

watercolor bird case

ThinkGeek :: Retro Duo Portable NES/SNES Game System

World's Smallest Aquarium :: world's smallest working aquarium, which holds just two tea spoons of water. It is so small there is only room for these tiny zebra fish.

Felix Custom OOAK Blythe Doll by Tinycutethings No 129 | eBay

Funko POP! Classic Movies - Vinyl Figure - GIZMO (4 inch)

Funko POP! Disney - Vinyl Figure - ZERO (4 inch)

Mouse Lemur Pocket totem by HandyMaiden on Etsy

Reasons to be Cheerful 1,2,3 Handpainted ceramic chickadee buttons x3 by DebraRutherford

Animal Pocket Knife by David Suhami

Nightjars, Potoos, Frogmouths, Oilbird, and Owlet-nightjars of the World by Nigel Cleere,

Songbirds Stamps

Mr Tree Stump Pincushion Plush from Hi Tree

Sloth Necklace Sterling Silver Smiley Adorable by CuriousBurrow, $38.00