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This document has gone through a fantastic upgrade! Please re-download if you previously purchased it. It has more than tripled in size and usefulness! It was only 74 pages and only addressed the /S/ blend sounds in the initial position of the words.

S/ BLENDS ARTIC MEGA UNIT: /SC/, /SL/, /SN/, /SP/, /ST/, & /SW/ + screener

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Great: Teaching the /r/ sound with playdough and dum dum suckers...this lady really knows what she's talking about!

Teaching the /r/ sound

"Activity and Clinician Resource" Teaching the /r/ sound with playdough and dum dum suckers! This resource provides another great way to teach the /r/ sound!

FREE Articulation Word Lists for 14 different sounds in all positions! Perfect for the on the go SLP!

No Prep Articulation Word Lists - 22 Sounds Lists & Monthly Themed Lists

What are the Top 100 Speech Pathology Websites for 2015? www.speechsproutstherapy .com is honored to be listed! You really should check out this amazing list by kidmunicate

What are the Top 100 Speech Pathology Websites for 2015?

QUICK PRINT & PRACTICE St. Patrick’s Day Articulation: l, r, s, sh, th, and v from Shanda from Shanda on TeachersNotebook.com (116 pages) - We have included more than 100 quick to print and practice articulation sheets in this St. Patrick’s Day- Themed document and we decided to target some of the most commonly worked on sounds with grade school speech kiddos. The sounds included in this very

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Articulation Notebook Templates for Speech & Language Therapy allow you to personalize & customize activities to suit your students' needs.

Articulation Notebook Templates for Speech Therapy

Articulation Notebook Templates ★ ★ This product can be purchased as a stand alone or is included as a companion packet when you purchase the very popular Articulation Notebook Value Bundle ★ ★

Helpful handouts to give to parents or teachers to help students practice their speech sounds! [Word of Mouth]

Articulation Handouts for Parents & Teachers

LISTENING LISTS - auditory bombardment

This pin contains list of multiple sounds in initial, medial and final position. An SLP in the school-based setting could used this list when administering Auditory Bombardment which is part of the Cycles approach.

How to Use the Cycles Approach for Speech Therapy - Speech And Language Kids

How to Use the Cycles Approach for Speech Therapy - Speech And Language Kids

Cycles for Speech Therapy-Syllables, Fronting, Backing

Cycles for Phonology Syllables, Fronting, Backing & BONUS #cyclesforphonology

PHONOLOGY Here is a packet to help target improving unintelligible speech. Student is given book and asked to read a sentence with the specific word in it to help identify final consonant deletion for the /p/, /t/, /k/ and /m/ phonemes.