Black chef hat, check! Paper clips in ears, check! Gaudy elephant chain, check! Crazy sporty sunglasses that complete this outfit, check!

sigrid rothe

I like the sweater and cropped pant combo, as well as the pink hair

Debra Rapoport

When I grow up I want to be these women... You are never too old to have style!!!! ADVANCED STYLE

Turban..I love how this lady dresses

Love the bag and the sweater! photo 6eb6b42d-da2f-42d7-8f20-7025726af0b3_zpsba245ba6.jpg

Ageing gracefully - Photos - Advanced Style by Ari Seth Cohen.jpg

ADVANCED STYLE: So Good Looking!

Sequins all day, every day! love the tucked look

Cannot stop reading advanced style blog. Cannot wait to be a fashionable old lady that DOES NOT GIVE A CRAP WHAT PEOPLE THINK ABOUT HOW I DRESS. #oldladyambition

ADVANCED STYLE: Suzi Click at The Grau Haus

This is Liz Friedman, who says, "Fashion is trendy. .

Debra Rapoport


Lizzie, may we be this "fashion fearless" & confident in our 70's! "This is artist and writer Beatrix Ost. One of her favorite sayings is 'In your body is a good place to be.'" Proof that older women are not irrelevant.


this sweater