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Almond Horseshoes (Mandelhörnchen) from the German Foodie (I love marzipan)
Apple Fritters (Apfelkucherl) German Recipe - Minhas Craft Brewery
Bergen Marzipan Früchte (German Marzipan Fruit)
Kaiserschmarren Tiroler Art Einfach nur unwiderstehlich! #suess #Oesterreich #Traditionsgericht
Nachdem ich neulich beim Stöbern durch verschiedene Blogs diese Art zu "flechten" gesehen hatte, wollte ich es unbedingt ausprobieren. E...
Spritzgebaeck - German butter cookies - Glittering Muffins
These marzipan cookies are absolutely getting made!!!  #FRANKFURT BETHMÄNNCHEN  #Marzipan Biscuit # GermanCookie
German food - brotchen... pass the Honig, bitte!
Other traditional German food - cheese-eggnoodles. But one needs an oven for that - so I reckon we won't have that at the café. Anyway I think it woul be too expensive with so much cheese. But I think especially in monsooon time this would be the perfect food. Kässpätzle
christmas cookies german recipe