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Original pinner said it so well: Someone described this lady's face as "stunning" and I had to stop and think for a minute at my own amazement that I have rarely if ever thought of a woman of middle to upper years (such as my age) being "stunning" especially a woman with gray hair and yet if you look at her features, her strength, and dignity and the totality of her gaze she is stunning!"

Beautiful. I hope to be able to pull off long, white-grey hair when I get older.

Simply Beautiful. It would be a crime to have "work done" on this face, wouldn't it?

This lady inspired this board of cool old ladies whose style I want to emulate when I'm old.

Ageing gracefully? I wish I was entirely fine with this process. It's one of life's inevitabilites. Fighting it, ultimately doesn't work. There are elements of it that are life-affirming and wonderful; experience is beauty, but oh how I wish it just didn't happen. That it wasn't quite so brutal. My Mum, who is the ultimate role model for everything; she is AWESOME, has aged beautifully. She is at-one. I love and emulate that. And isn't this image just beautiful?

When asked about the visibility of mature models, Lucas says, 'I think anything that encourages older women to express themselves through clothes and make-up, and to continue making the best of themselves is great. We all need to love ourselves at all stages of our lives!'via That's Not My Age: Older Models: Pam Lucas

Photo by Hannah Radley-Bennett. Who is the model? Such a stylish older dame. www.hannahradleyb...

In maybe 3-4 years?..... I'll be able to use em as a scarf! Or a hat! Or a blanket!

Ageless curls. Dazzle with this curly look:

At 79 years old, Joyce believes, " To age is a privilege". I have shared her great style tips before, but for another reminder check out the fashion advice below: 1.”Gloves they make an outfit, if it’s the right glove it can do everything for you.” 2.”Getting a good black dress that you can fix up with d...