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Paige McAtee We are gonna do this when i get my iphone... :)

I miss my BGFEIML (best guy friend ever in my life] TYUS.

"Mira... Mira... Mira... Can't breathe properly, babe." "I LOVE YOU!" "Hehe, yeah, I love you, too, hon." - Kip and Mira |How to Ride a Rollercoaster|

Best friends Cylee Miller Neill this reminds me of our last sleepover hahahah :P "Leeroy Hmm.." :) ;)

Such an awesome photo. Can't beat the power of friendship or laughter.

Let all that you do be done with love. 1 Cor 16:14

Best friends (: Because I want pictures like this with my girls Audra Harris Ross Rebekah Ahn Tervin Nicole Novembrino Cunningham Nichol Morrissey- Syron Andrews Dani Carter Teakell

When we see each other for the first time at Camp(:

a favorite miranda lambert song ♥ "I heard Jesus he drank wine, and i bet we'd get along just fine, if he can calm a storm and heal the blind, then i bet hed understand a heart like mine."

This reminds me of Lexie and me, Also and can totally see Lexie and I having twin outfits!!! ♥