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...As good as the Green Bay Packers


Love this!! ♥ Clay Mathews

Seahawks playing with the Falcons

Because Colin's not 6 ft out of bounds or anything. Clay Matthews is a THUG

Clay Matthews

It's St. Patrick's day every Football season Sunday for Packer's Fan's!!!!

Lol, made me chuckle!

It's finally here! Football season!!!

Watch football!!

Vince Lombardi, Green Bay Packers

Clay Matthew, Packers Baby, Packers Fans, Packs Attack, Team Greenbay Packers, Packers Backer, Packers National, Green Bays Packers, Packers Stuff

Hard Core Fan! Yes I Am!


THE MAN...THE GUNSLINGER.....Brett Favre, Green Bay Packers

Football Paradise

Holmgren turned Packers back into winners

If you try to talk to me during the Packer game about something OTHER than the Packer game I WILL go all Clay Matthews on your ass!


New Mama's Boy for Campbell's Chunky Soup...

Randall Cobb

Hall of Fame Defensive End Reggie White