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That mouse was this big...and stood this tall! No lie!

morning stretch~~ (I'd lay odds this casual kitty is a boycat.. I've never seen a female cat kick the feet back straight behind her this way.)

I am barely moving...making me invisible. ^Lol-cute previous quote-looks just like my kitty Spodie! :-)

Cat / Animals / Kitten / Photography: Nice close up of my cats eye. ► Before & After Pictures of animals and a large variety of pet supplies.

Makes me think of my little Cooper♥

How cat people wake up... lol. my cat wakes my dad up by stepping on the backs of his knees to jolt him awake to feed her. she does this thing to me because she wants snugglez

We are the proud parents to a Norwegian Forest Cat, and she loves nothing better than to 'fly'. She thinks nothing of leaping 12 to 15 feet (from dresser to dresser) or, jumping 6 to 7 feet straight up (to her indoor 'tree') - BOTH from a standing position!! -wk-

Antique kitties. My new collection: photos of people with their cats.

. here to find out more

Absolutely precious! I think he's a lilac or a blue point...any Siamese experts out there who know?