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Nervous System


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"You can learn at home in spare time." I wish!!

Nurses. Because doctors are never fucking around. (So true)

Why one patient fired their doctor.

This is amazing!

3 messages about nurses that Katie Duke wants to send the world - Right on!

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I love this!! This is what I want for when I get into med school, but with MD instead of RN on the badge, and a white labcoat instead of purple scrubs. Or dark blue scrubs for my potential pediatric surgeon status

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I wish I could cry with you, but I can't. A glimpse into the eyes and hearts of a nurse.

I Was Looking at Your VEINS T-Shirt. I do this...more than I'm willing to say. :P

As a nursing assistant, this constitutes a smooth day at work:

acute renal failure cause, diagnosis, pathogenesis, signs and treatment

Creepy Medical Images From The Past

Creepy Medical Images From The Past

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Trust me and HOLD STILL! The more you move your arm the higher it pumps! It is not going to cut off your circulation. Taking a blood pressure never killed anyone.

Did this in counselling. For EVERY negative thought about yourself, there is an unhealthy way of thinking present. These are those ways of thinking that feed your negativity and keep you in a shitty mindset. BE AWARE.

LungOMotion (click image to view) Things they don't show you on ER, Grey's Anatomy or House.

A beating human heart.

Haha.. Not completely true but nonetheless funny.