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Dear Zac, don't be worried, I am always here to hold you (and then drug you to make sure you can never escape ♥)

I thought he was hot before, but seeing him with a soccer ball just takes his hotness to a whole new level

Zac Efron + adorable animals!

I'm a huge fan of Norman Jean Roy and this shoot of Zac Efron is just perfect.

Life is a cruel bitter thing to not place me in this man's social circle. And when I say "social circle" I mean "sexy arms".

Baby look they have a picture of you on look so cute! Can't wait till you get home so we can cuddle :) xo

Honorable Mention: Zac Efron (I used this picture because he looks more age-appropriate to be on my list. He's not. But at least he kind of looks it.)

Another dream outfit for my future husband. Throw on some Sperry's and this would be perfect.