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Watercolor Cat Tattoo! Amazing ♥

inked music, I actually really like this treble clef. Maybe even more than the others....

absolutley love the tattoo and the placement!!!

Not sure where, maybe my calf or left inner forearm, but I want this. I love it so much!

"Where words fail, music speaks" Epic tattoo, the 'owner' must be stoked XD

this is gorgeous....though getting a music tattoo when i don't really sing or play or anything would make me feel like a phoney

Music Tattoo? Yes!! i feel like i could definitely do something like this with the one i already have... i like it!

I like this location...behind the ear tattoos just really appeal to me...

Never seen it like this before. Tattoo behind my ear after the wedding. =)

i would kill for this tattoo...i would prefer it to be a bit more whimsical though!