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  • TJ Crew

    Orca Whales, British Columbia unique picture of 3 spyhopping orca whales checking out the sights above the water. Spyhopping is when the Killer whales hang vertically in the water with their head partially above the water line. It is unusual to have three orca whales spyhopping right next to each other and at the same time.These guys were definitely synchronized as they rose to the top and then just as gracefully slid back down to below the water line, back into their ocean life.

  • Soraya Freeman

    Killer Whales - another animal I love

  • L D

    Killer Whales off the coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia

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Hahaha this cracked me up. Educate yoself on free willy y'all Hahahaha Katie Robbins

PLEASE HELP US! Urge Federal Officials to Save Marine Animals From Navy Tests! Despite public outcry, the Navy intends to go forward with a plan to conduct underwater testing of explosive weapons & sonar devices in the Atlantic, Pacific, & the Gulf of Mexico. It's estimated that hundreds of dolphins & whales could be fatally wounded & that thousands of animals could sustain debilitating loss of hearing-the primary tool that marine mammals needs to survive!. PLZ Sign & Share!

Would love to be able to photograph orcas for a living!!! Love them! :)

i cannot imagine anything more spectacular than kayaking and then finding yourself in the midst of orcas.

The orca or killer whale is a toothed whale and is a member of the Dolphin family (it is the largest dolphin).

Orca Whales. Beautiful, majestic. I love them.

Wish the whales had done this when I went whale watching. May have to go again in a few years!

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LOL - I do like my croc flip flops though....

The footage is impressive, and slightly unnerving. Several orcas, swimming abreast, approach an Antarctic ice floe on which is resting an unsuspecting seal. The whales dive just beneath the ice, generating a wave that cracks the floe and washes the seal into the water. Desperately, the seal clambers back on to the ice's remnants, only for the orcas to tip the slab over and dump their putative prey back into the ocean. Somehow, the pinniped evades capture and clambers out on to a larger floe; but