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"Killer Whale Moon OrcaKiller Whale san da" by Lon French, Victoria // Beauty and power. Traveller & guardian. Symbol of Good. The Haida believe that killer whales are human counterparts who have their own complex societies beneath the sea. The Killer whale is a popular symbol for romance as they mate for life // -- Buy stunning fine art prints, framed prints and canvas prints directly from independent working artists and photographers.

Killer whale tattoo - this is exactly the style of artwork I saw while in Ketchikan, Alaska.

This print of an Orca killer whale. is typical in style and colors of the art of the Northwest Indian Tribes.

My pool in my San Juan Island house will have a giant Orca of my totem animals.

Inuit Gallery of Vancouver - Specializing in Inuit art, Northwest Coast art, Native Indian art, Canadian aboriginal art, Jewelry, Sculptures, Prints, Drawings, Masks

The Orca (killer whale) was a common motif in the art of the Northwest Coast peoples. Orca were the subject of countless stories and legends. One story held that a whale would sometimes capture a canoe and drag it and the people aboard down to an underwater Village of the Whales. These people were then transformed into orca themselves. The Haida believed that orcas seen near villages were these drowned people trying to communicate with the villagers.

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Killer Whale Art Print by Emma Barker

Killer Whale Art Print