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    Drug-Sniffing Dogs Find Massive Drug Shipment

    BUENOS AIRES, Argentina -- Drug-sniffing dogs found a half-ton of cocaine hidden in machinery marked for shipment to Africa, customs police announced Friday. The cocaine was tightly packed into 490 b
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    Entrepreneur Carla Cristina, 26, poses for a portrait next to her water stand in an open-air crack cocaine market where she sells cups of water with an aluminum seal, which users will transform into makeshift pipes for smoking their crack

    Henrique Felix Santos, 41, was philosophical about his long term battle with addiction and said: 'The expression of each human being is consistent with reality'

    Valeria de Brito, 36, a user for eight years, said she does not like the Crackland environment and prefers to use drugs elsewhere

    Carla Chris, 35, who has been using crack for over 6 years, says getting into crack was easy. What is difficult is finding an opportunity on the outside. But she pushes herself everyday, saying: 'Smile because life is beautiful. Jesus loves you and victory is certain. I am capable, prepared and self-sufficient, so I can do for myself'

    Long-term crack addict Sancler Rodrigues, 32, said he has been smoking the drug for 7 or 8 years but was proud to pose for a portrait at Crackland, telling the photographer 'I didn't think my old black shirt would look good in your photo, so I borrowed this from friend'

    Renato Dias, 39, pictured at Crackland in Rio de Janeiro's slums, has been using crack for about 4 years and says he uses his notebook as a form of distraction. He writes about super heroes and dreams of becoming one

    Crack user Ketellin Silva 17, the mother of a 3-year-old girl and baby boy, clings to a stuffed toy dog which she says belongs to her premature infant son who remains hospitalized

    Daniela Pinto, 39, her thin arms jutting from her red dress, has been a crack user for 4 years and has been living in this Crackland for about 4 months. She says she wants freedom, peace and love, but most importantly she wants to be freed from her addiction

    Andrea, better known as Loira, which is the Portuguese word for 'blonde,' poses for a portrait in an open-air crack cocaine market. Andrea says she is married and has a home, but she keeps returning to Crackland to feed her addiction

    Patricia Sebastiao, 22 who has a 2-year-old daughter and 1-year-old son, is pregnant with her third child who is due in the nexrt few months but returns to Crackland where she poses for a photograph

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    And Reckitt-Benckiser, which took its Suboxone tablets off the U.S. market last year, now only sells Suboxone in individually wrapped film strips.

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