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    World War II "Windtalker" - Dan Akee an actual Navajo Code Talker of the Diné Nation. He served with the 25th Marine Regiment, 4th Marine Division from 1943-1945 as a Navajo Code Talker. Sergeant Major Dan Akee also served at Iwo Jima, Saipan and Tinan, Marshall Islands.

    *GERONIMO's GRAVE ~ in the Apache Cemetery, Ft. Sill, OK

    Apache Indian Bow And Arrow -

    Sacred Tears Monument, Tuscumbia Alabama. One of the points on the trail of tears.

    The code talkers were elite Native American military units that used their own tribal languages to create and transmit fast, unbreakable coded messages, serving in both World Wars I and II. They’re credited with saving countless lives in theaters around the world. #GeorgeTupak

    American Horse - William Ahrendt

    The Teton Dakota word for dog means horse of the woman. To be named after a special dog, or to be asked to name a special dog, was a great honor in the Hidatsa culture. Dogs were managed by Hidatsa women. Sometimes a man who had earned honor named a special dog.

    Native American Indian

    This is a picture of a Crow Indian camp in Winter. It was taken in Montana in 1908.

    Chief Little Horse - Oglala Sioux - 1898

    Native Americans Indians Montana "The Eagle." Piegan / Blackfoot Glacier National Park Photo: Roland Reed,1913.

    Ella Cara Deloria (January 31, 1889 – February 12, 1971), also called Aŋpétu Wašté Wiŋ (Beautiful Day Woman), was an educator, anthropologist, ethnographer, linguist, and novelist of Yankton Sioux background. She recorded Sioux oral history and legends, and in the 1940s wrote a novel, Waterlily, finally published in 1988.Deloria was born in the White Swan district of the Yankton Indian Reservation, South Dakota.

    One of my alltime favorite movies about a cherokee boy growing up with hemophilia.

    Untitled (Native American burial site) by Museum of Photographic Arts Collections, via Flickr

    Native Americans Indians Chief Charlo and granddaughter western Montana 1940

    Crow Indian women with children

    Here for your enjoyment is an exciting photograph of Acoma Man. It was made in 1904 by Edward S. Curtis. The photo illustrates Head-and-shoulders portrait of an Acoma man, facing front. We have compiled this collection of photos mainly to serve as a vital educational resource. Contact curator@old-pictu....

    Squaw with child at train station

    A young Nez Perce, 1910

    Osage Warriors

    Black Dog II (the son of Black Dog I) was reported to be about 6 foot, 2 inches in height and weighed around 220 pounds. He did marry and had several sons and daughters. None of his sons survived to manhood. During the War Between the States (Civil War), Black Dog and many of the Osage Indians decided to join the Confederate States Army. Photograph 1876

    An Osage native American man. The United States government started to take away land from the Osage Indians in 1808. A reservation was formed for the Osage Indians in Southern Kansas in 1825. As with many other tribes they were relocated to Oklahoma. Many Osage Indians still live in Oklahoma around the Pawhuska area.

    President Calvin Coolidge with four Osage Indians

    Sitting Bull (Tatanka-Iyotanka), Lakota (Sioux) Chief 1831-1890 - Native American

    Standing Bear~Ponca Native American chief who successfully argued in U.S. District Court in 1879 in Omaha that Native Americans are "persons within the meaning of the law" and have the right of habeas corpus. ~Wiki.