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My son and my dog! Both excellent posers. ;) How to make cool baby pictures - DIY awesome baby photo - just lay your baby on a sheet and paint on the photo in any paint program on your computer. Unique Baby photos. Baby walking dog. Baby picture with dog. Funny baby photos. 3 month old baby photo ideas. 6 month old baby photo ideas.

One year old, with baby picture from the hospital. This would be a good idea to take a picture of every year with the previous year's picture as the one they're holding!

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9GAG - Sleeping Baby

not usually one for baby photos, but i love this!-jenni Sleeping Baby Photo Ideas. So cute

Giving gender to people from birth: pink/dress (girls) " A common assumption would be that some concept of the norm must have always existed. After all, people seem to have an inherent desire to compare themselves to others. But the idea of a norm is less a condition of human nature than it is a feature of a certain kind of society." - Lennard J. Davis ("Constructing Normalcy")

These are great examples of how to photograph a 3-4 week old baby. CAN'T WAIT FOR NEW BABY PHOTOS- I AM GETTING EXCITED ABOUT LIAM'S ARRIVAL