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"[Hello, My Name Is...] is an introduction to me and what I want to say musically,"


Lay down, try not to cry, cry a lot…

This is so sad...but so true. Alzheimer's is a horrible disease for both the patient and their loved ones. =(

Thank you so much for my friends who believe in me... I love you guys to the moon and back and even that might not be enough.

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„I miss you” in french.

"I miss you" in french.


Alex Rockwell: this girl is amazing…

This philosophy goes hand in hand with any hardship you encounter in life You might have it, but don't ever let it have you. Keep up the fight, for when you win (and you will, in one way or another) you'll be stronger and wiser than ever before. Your story can inspire others and their stories can go out even further So keep up the fight, you beautiful, wonderful, amazing people And inspire the world into unimaginable greatness~

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13 Things You Didn't Know About Gerard Way

Love My Chemical Romance and Gerard Way? Check out our list of eleven things you might not know about the frontman!

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Here's A Video Of The Best Booty Moments Of The 2014 VMAs

Butts Dominated This Year's VMAs: Here's Proof - MTV

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Look: Lady Gaga Gives Ryan Seacrest an ARTPOP Makeover

Lady Gaga gave Ryan Seacrest an #ARTPOP makeover! What do you think?

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Austin Mahone's VMAs Will Be A Giant Game Of Truth Or Dare

Austin Mahone's VMAs Will Be A Giant Game Of Truth Or Dare - MTV

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9 Totally ***Flawless Beyonce VMA Moments

9 Totally ****Flawless Beyonce VMA Moments - MTV

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Every Single Outfit Beyoncé's Ever Worn To The VMAs (Ever)

Every Single Outfit Beyonce's Ever Worn To The VMAs (Ever) - MTV

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I Am His

Imagine growing up with this on your wall your whole life. Empowering. Cute idea for a girls room.

whoever made this statement is the smartest person. EPIC

Why is kitchen dancing so much for fun than any other dancing? Family Dance Party!