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DIY business cards: "Here’s a great idea for a business card- it’s just an image of a google search for your name (in this case Ji Lee whose idea this is). While it is witty, it could be taken as slightly condescending saying “hey you really need my card? are you too incompetent to google me?”. On the other hand it’s pure genius and a memorable business card, as long as you have a unique name, sorry John Smith, no dice on this one."

Las agencias de diseño se esfuerzan por entregar a sus clientes identidades corporativas sólidas y aplicables a todas las plataformas: impresión, pantalla y objetos cotidianos. El proceso de desarrollo de logo y aplicaciones se enfoca en los valores que el branding debe transmitir y en encontrar detalles que impacten a quien observa.

Custom thick paper card laser-etched in custom relief design with cut-outs. Unique Business Card for Michael Gilmore from Mastri Design