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  • Kurt Cosijns

    Incredible how Social Media influences our daily life in 2012!

  • Luis Alberto Fernández

    A day in the life on the internet #infographic #socialmedia #marketing #fb #in

  • Andrew Saunders

    A Day in the Life of the Internet Infographic. Why they don't mention is that only about 1% of this stuff is useful...


    Un día en Internet [infographic] ____________________________ A day on the Internet [infographic]

  • Valeria Landivar

    A day in the Internet - Social Media Infographic

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El grupo de personas jovenes (17-35 anños) se siente más adicto Internet, a pesar de que en realidad pasan menos tiempo que el grupo de personas mayores.

Most Kids are Already Social Media Adults by the Age of 13 according to infographic from @teammarketingprofs. In 2012, parents have to be social media savvy to keep up with their kids.

What will the Internet look like in 2015? This Infograph gives a good description.

As a graphic designer, you have to make use of demographics to establish your target audience and then make your work pleasing. And everything surroundings you can qualify as design inspiration, but let’s face it: we all turn the Almighty Internet to provide us reliable pieces of information fast.

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How The INTERNET Works [INFOGRAPHIC] | Almost everyone nowadays uses the Internet. Stuff like Facebook, email, chat, Twitter and YouTube wouldn’t be there without the Internet. But while the web is so useful and easy to use these days only a few understand how it functions. | If you have ever wondered about it, it’s time to find out. We have made a nice infographic showing exactly how the Internet works.

Twitter outages gave addicts like us the shakes. After all, Twitter users average over 100,000 tweets per minute, and the site was down for a whole lot longer than that. Twitter is far from the only channel through which web users funnel data. Business intelligence company DOMO paired up with Column Five Media to create this infographic, which shows just how much data is generated every minute.

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