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Creative Nike ad reminds you to get off your butt and run...

Menzies Creek

Advertising Agency: Havas WW, Lisboa, Portugal Creative Director: Paulo Pinto Art Director:s Paulo Pinto, Marco Gonçalves Copywriter: Leo Gomez Pu

Cuando alguien cree en las ideas, se le nota en la mirada, tenga la edad que tenga. #GeorgeLois vía @daniseuba

Art Center College of Design Catalog from 1956-1957.

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Scholz & Friends Hamburg Recruiting: Pizza Digitale

Seat-belts save lives. Simple and effective.

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Possibly The Best Human Billboard Ad Of The Last 200 Years


Creative Packaging

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E.m-bed.de/d Best thing on the web. Yes you’re pretty creative making viral video’s and ‘web-savvy’ content, but you ain’t on the level Yung Jake is on. Game-changer in it’s purest form.

Guerrilla Marketing в България - Perrier_GM_Example1 by Janet Naidenova, via Flickr

image011 by Thumbshots, via Flickr