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Good Fit Books

Fabulous Anchor Chart for Good fit books mini-lesson Mrs.

Good Fit Books: helps remind kids to pick books they'll enjoy, that they can handle, and that will help them whatever goal they have (research, getting AR points, etc)

just right books anchor chart

I Pick reading Program

IPICK daily 5 anchor chart - could be turned into a mini foldable for our Book Lover Books

how to pick a just right book | Peace, Love, First Grade: Daily Five

Just Right Books Printable

Partner Reading Anchor Chart

Are You Ready For Reading Workshop?

Partner Reading Anchor Chart options for later in year. Add options as year progresses. Create chart in beginning of year with blue boxes already formed to build interest?

Good Fit Books/IPICK Anchor Chart

Good Fit Books Anchor Chart This anchor chart will help students find books that they will enjoy.

Read to Self anchor chart...kinda a reading and management anchor chart...

Read to Self anchor chart.kinda a reading and management anchor chart. I love the picture cues with this I-chart.

Daily Five: Just Right Books LOVE the t-shirt analogy visual with this chart, like shoes but perhaps a little easier to understand

Just Right Books Anchor Chart Printables

Fun anchor chart with a lesson using 3 different sized shirts. One too big, one too small and one just right! I also included the Finger Rule" for selecting books.

ANCHOR CHART~  Selecting a "just right" book to read.

just right books anchor chart

Good Fit Books

the snooze button, lol.

What do good readers do. (great website with lots of anchor charts)

A Literate Life - Anchor Charts - What Good readers do. Then have students draw self and choose what they do like chart and what they want to improve on. Use different color to write good and goals.

First Grader...at Last!: Anchor Charts

First Grader.: Anchor Charts - buddy reading & other station instructions

Exchange all 5 anchor charts and make one into "Daily 5 Rules" saves up wall space.

Teacherific: She condenses all the 5 Daily 5 posters into one to save wall space, 3 weeks after all are introduced and students know the rules. This is her "refresher" poster to keep up all year.

Plot Anchor Chart and Graphic Organizer. I'll probably change it a little and add rising action, climax, falling action and solution.

Summarize the plot anchor chart First Grade Fresh: Classroom Happenings.

Choosing Books anchor chart.  Like that it talks about more than just how hard the words are.

Some things to consider when choosing a book to read!

Seuss-perb Days in 2nd Grade!: Questioning Anchor Charts

Seuss-perb Days in Grade!