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Yes. Just so much yes. I mean, i'm not condoning graffiti but.. yeah, I am kinda condoning it this time xD

HAPPY BAD WOLF DAY IF YOU KNOW WHAT/WHO BAD WOLF IS WRITE IT ON EVERYTHING TODAY!!!! Homework, sidewalk, driveway, etc!!! Spread the word to all whovians!!! (You can't do this if you don't know what bad wolf is)

The Doctor begs to differ. - Imgur

BAD WOLF - if i were to ever become a hobo or in a cult/gang. this would be what i would spray paint everywhere

The time line of this episode ties in wonderfully to season one's whole "Bad Wolf" arc. | The 35 Greatest Easter Eggs From The "Doctor Who" 50th Anniversary

Bad Wolf - Megan Lara. Rose is and forever will be my favorite companion. I love this print. SOO I got this one too :)

HEAD CANNON ACCEPTED!!!!! D"x after all this time I'm still not over rose!!!!! :"(

This was one of my favorite bits: Bad Wolf Rose's little "No More" Dance ;)

"I want you doctor" Idris (Tardis) and Rose "I've always liked the thought that Bad Wolf was both Rose and the TARDIS, and of them having some sort of lingering affinity/friendship because of it." -Artist

ratgirlstudios: Drawn and colored in photoshop CS3 using an Intuous5 tablet.

What if she is the bad wolf because she was meant to end up on Bad Wolf Bay, the words spread out across two universes...and I'm all depressed

I have no words...except that maybe I should make a Doctor Who board...?