Explore Thongs, Flip Flops, and more!


I wore thongs like this all the time. ps: In Australia we use the word 'thongs' not flip flops.

click clacks  we called them klacker!!! just bought one for my son from an antique shop!!

Click-Clacks ~These were dangerously fun!I remember hurting myself many times in the face & hand while trying to get them to hit on top, bottom etc .My brother broke a window once!

Remember the great novelty toys of the '70's? Well one of them has made a COME-BACK and is just as popular as ever! The Drinking Bird has retained his youthful stamina for trying to quench his thirst,

Happy Drinking Dunking Bird Bobbing Head

ThinkGeek :: The Infamous Drinking Bird My lonely life as an engineer needs it

Glass animals - I had tons of these!!

glass menagerie figurines I have an amazing collection of glass animal that I started collecting in 1959 when my neighbor gave me the first one. Love them.

This orange, floral plastic tote was everywhere in the 70s!

In the - I had a plastic clear flowered orange daisy tote just like this! I used it as a school bag. Back packs were not used back then as school bags.

Remember When?

Oh, I always wanted pom-poms on my roller skates! Just heard a song at Ace Hardware yesterday I used to roller skate to: Knock Three Times. Remember that song? That was 40 years ago! I loved rollerskating on Friday nights at Jimmies Rollerdrome!

No description necessary because we all had 'em

summer time, this is how we rolled. These were called thongs, not flip flops, as they are called today.

S & H Green Stamps: How we furnished our new home!

H Green Stamps. my mom used to save them.got them at the grocery store and after she had a bunch saved we would stick them in a stamp book and take them to the stamp store and she would pick something out for the house

No, they won't.  Lol

kids today will never understand laying on the floor talking on the phone that has a cord attached to the wall