Curling hair with tin foil... in polish

Cool hair trick - while hair is wet, divide into two twists. Blow dry it. Than pull apart the two twists.

So much cuter than a ponytail. Love this!

How To Get Naturally Curly Hair

How to curl your hair with a flat tutorial that i have used so far!

Rose.... Amazing!!!

How to Curl Your Hair Fast

Go to Bed with Wet Hair - 3 Ways to Wake Up to Gorgeous Hair- for crazy early mornings; Pin now, read later.

This totally works !want all my clients to pin!!!:) How to Curl Your Hair: Wavy Curls

How to Curl Your Hair: 10 Best Video Tutorials #hair_curling

Curly wedding hairstyle, well if only I had perfect curls..

curls! Pinstosity (website with Pinteret fails) actually had this one work out! It takes about 30-45 minutes to wrap, 5-8 seconds to heat each piece, lasted for 2 days!

Definitely wanna try

Half-up hair styles. I like the first one on the right, and the second, third and fourth on the left. (2)

No-Heat Curls

cute style for short hair - I actually like this! Try when my hair is a little longer?


Braided hairstyles; tip head upside down and comb all the hair. Braid all the hair starting and the bottom hairline into a dutch braid.

puff without teasing your hair! SMART!!!