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Slaughterhouse-five, or The Children's Crusade. a duty dance with death. Kurt Vonnegurt

Slaughterhouse-Five, or The Children's Crusade: A Duty-Dance with Death is a satirical novel by Kurt Vonnegut about World War II experiences and journeys through time of a soldier called Billy Pilgrim.

50 Books to Read Before You Die - How many have you read?

The Catcher in the Rye is the ALLTIME Classic teen book. OK, Holden Caulfield is rich and negative. His time in New York is journey into maturity. Read it. Don't shoot anybody with the book in your pocket or I will revoke your library card!

Yann Martel "The Life of Pi"

Life of Pi by Yann Martel

Life of Pi, Yann Martel.I was sooo moved by the movie, I had to read the book.

100 Books Worth Reading

These YA coming-of-age novels will make you cry, laugh, and appreciate life.

When I was in high school in the 60's, the state of Virginia banned this book. Being someone who seldom allows others to tell me what to read, I borrowed a copy from a college friend. It was well worth reading.

All-TIME 100 Novels: How We Picked the List

Catcher in the Rye is one of my all time favorite books. Holden Caulfield has to be one of the most interesting literary characters ever written.

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. A novel about the folly of judging people based on first impressions. Full of interesting characters and great quotes.

Are you remotely surprised I chose a Jane Austen novel? “Laugh as much as you choose, but you will not laugh me out of my opinion!” There is no way I could make this list without listing Jane Austen’s best-selling novel of all times: Pride and Prejudice


17 Books to Read Before the Movie Hits Theatres This Year

The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. Hazel’s cancer is terminal, but when Augustus Waters appears at the Cancer Kid Support Group, Hazel’s story is about to be rewritten.

1st ed., Brave New World, by Aldous Huxley. Chatto & Windus, London, 1932. Cover design by Leslie Holland.

The First Edition Covers of 25 Classic Books

“Oh, Brave New World, that has such people in it”–Miranda, The Tempest, Act 5 Scene 1 Published in Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World is a seminal dystopian novel. The time is the cen…

With this book coming out in a movie in theaters, I think it's pertinent to read. I haven't read it yet, but it's on my "To Read" shelf in Goodreads.

Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close, Jonathan Safran Foer {if something is easy to find, it's not worth finding.

The Great Gatsby Character Map so helpful when reading the book!

Funny pictures about The Great Gatsby Character Map. Oh, and cool pics about The Great Gatsby Character Map. Also, The Great Gatsby Character Map.

Let's Explore Diabetes With Owls, 2013 The New York Times Best Sellers Nonfiction winner, David Sedaris #NYTime #GoodReads #Books

Let’s Explore Diabetes with Owls (Unabridged) - David.: Let’s Explore Diabetes with Owls (Unabridged) - David Sedaris

One of the last books I read... Awesome!! You get to experience the life of women in the Middle East. Very eye opening

"A Thousand Splendid Suns" Khaled Hosseini. His novel "The Kite Runner" is more popular, but this is wonderful story, and in my opinion the better book.

In Cold Blood.  Positively brilliant.

In Cold Blood by Truman Capote. If you've ever taken a journalism class, you've probably read Truman Capote's seminal nonfiction book about a murder in a quiet town, "In Cold Blood." It's a classic for a reason. Everyone should read it.


“We live and breathe words. It was books that made me feel that perhaps I wasn't completely alone. They cold be honest with me, and I with them." Will Herondale, The Infernal Devices by Cassandra Clare.

Theodore Roosevelt..absolutely! !

Theodore Roosevelt Quote Typed on Typewriter

I bought this autobiography after hearing about Maya Angelou's death. I read it in a couple of days and will probably read some of her other works.

Books to Buy. Reading list: I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings - Maya Angelou. 11 Works By Maya Angelou You Must Read