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2014 World Duathlon Championships on GoFundMe - $3,580 raised by 20 people in 1 month.

How to Train For an Ironman and Still Have a Life

Racing an Ironman takes hours and hours out of your weekly schedule. Here's how to stay happy when training for an Ironman.

Topic: Running Footwear: A Critical Look at what We Know about Footwear and How to Seelct the Best Fit for Your Athlete | Jay Dicharry Presenter: Jay Dich...

When you’re training for a high-mileage Ironman triathlon, fueling up the right way isn’t just about what you consume. It’s about how you consume it, so you can maximize the benefits of workout recovery and race-day performance. This is especially true for Ironman newbies—because if you’re not properly nourished, you’ll fade faster than Lindsay Lohan at an all-night happy hour. Read more!

2014 World Duathlon Championships on GoFundMe - $2,615 raised by 11 people in 6 days.

4 Months to IRONMAN 70.3

An IRONMAN 70.3 race is the perfect distance in so many ways. Sign up and get training with this no-frills plan.

How to Train for an Open Water Race in the Pool

It's not always convenient to train in a lake or ocean, so use these tips to simulate open water swimming in the pool.